Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Course of embroidery and sewing Blouse/Shirt In this course you will learn how to make a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt "sorochka" from scratch, using linen cloth and woolen, cotton, and/or metallic threads. This course will start with choosing the traditional pattern that works for you. Then you will choose a linen or hemp fabric and cut out the pieces for the shirt. 
The course will be led by Myroslava Boikiv, master embroiderer and weaver from the Ivano-Frankivsk region, who specializes in ancient methods of textile work in western Ukraine; she has worked for years recreating and restoring old pieces stored in the museum collections of the Carpathian region and created several stunning pieces. More read
ВИСТАВКА ІКОН та САКРАЛЬНОГО МИСТЕЦТВА 15 квітня - 08 травня 2016 Ґалерія КУМФ ласкаво запрошує Вас на ВИСТАВКУ ІКОН та САКРАЛЬНОГО МИСТЕЦТВА. 
Відкриття: п’ятниця, 15 квітня, в 7 г. веч.
В приміщенні Ґалерії КУМФ, 145 Evans Ave. #101, Toronto, ON, tel.: (416) 766-6802.
April 15 - May 08, 2016 KUMF Gallery cordially invites you to ICONS and SACRED ART EXHIBIT
Opening: Friday, April 15 at 7 pm.
At the KUMF Gallery, 145 Evans Ave. #101, Toronto, ON,
tel.: (416) 766-6802.

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The UKRAINIAN CANADIAN ART FOUNDATION / KUMF GALLERY, in cooperation with the CANADA UKRAINE FOUNDATION, invite you to join the “LIVE FREE” Art Exhibition by Olha Bosak.

November 3 - 9, 2016

The Ukrainian talented artist, successful entrepreneur, and enthusiastic civic activist Olha Bosak first launched her Live Free Art Exhibition, inspired by the spirit of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, in Kyiv early this year. Now she is launching this public diplomacy project internationally. Her current collection has been on display for the last two weeks in the General Assembly building of the United Nations in New York. The idea of the project is to promote an image of the new Ukraine to the Canadian public. The goal of this project is to further demonstrate to the global community the importance of the Revolution of Dignity for Ukraine, and how this massive public action in the winter of 2013–2014 continues to shape and inform public opinion in Ukraine, including the desire to live free as an independent nation and society.

Director of the Canada Ukraine Foundation Bohdan Czerniawski, Consul General of Ukraine in Toronto Andrii Veselovskyi, artist Olga Bosak, Euromaidan Canada Chair Marc William Shwec made a short speech.

Project Partners:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Embassy of Ukraine to Canada, Canada Ukraine Foundation, American Chamber of Commerce, US-Ukraine Business Council, Horizon Capital, SoftServe, and DHL.

145 Evans Ave, Suite 101, Toronto, ON, KUMF GALLERY

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"VANILLA SKY" by Olha Bosak"To Love or Not To Loove" by Olha Bosak



"100%  DUBLIMATION" by Olha Bosak"THE NEVER TNDING STORY" by Olha Bosak



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Володар «Оскара» зніме український фільм про анексію Криму

Україна має намір залучити до створення фільму про Крим відомого іноземного...

Експерт назвала конституційний шлях повернення Криму під контроль України

Один зі способів повернути на бік України населення окупованого...


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